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How to Market a Trash Service Business Using Google My Business

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If you want to be the top trash service listing on Google’s local map section you need to have a Google My Business listing, and it needs to be optimized for your trash company’s location and primary service, whether that is residential trash removal or commercial trash removal services.

The local search results have evolved over recent years and now the map section has completely taken over the top of the results page, commanding even more attention and focus than the paid ads above it.

As consumers are now more aware of how Google works in terms of its paid ads, those top text-based results are identified as ads by most, so the attention and focus typically gravitate to the maps immediately upon completing a search query.

If your business is found at the top, potential trash service customers will see your contact information, business hours, Google reviews, as well as have a good idea of where your business is physically located, as it’s referenced on the accompanying map.

While setting up a Google My Business account is free, many businesses claim it, complete the bare minimum, and call it a day. They aren’t aware of the advantages a Google My Business listing offers and how to best leverage them for more exposure, and more importantly, more customers. To learn more about how to use Google My Business to improve your trash service SEO, let’s explain the steps required to claim and optimize your listing and drive more attention to your business.

Claim Your Trash Service Google My Business Profile

All you need to claim your trash company’s Google My Business profile is a Google account. This can be a personal Google profile you already have or you can set up a new one specifically for your business. If you don’t already have your GMB profile, create an account and complete the required information:

  • Legal business name
  • Physical business address
  • The distance your trash service operates from its address
  • Business category: Garbage Collection Service

Complete Your Business Verification

Once you submit the information requested, Google will need to verify your information. The current options available are:

  • Mail: Google will send you a postcard with a verification code to enter
  • Email: The verification code will be sent to the email address you sued to set up your GMB profile
  • Phone: An automated message will contain your verification code

Note: If your trash service website contains Google’s verification code from syncing with Google Search Console it will be verified automatically.

Optimize Your Trash Removal Google My Business Profile

To fully optimize your GMB profile for the best possible exposure in the search results, you need to be as detailed and thorough as possible when completing it. The smallest of details can have the biggest impact on how, when, and where your trash service is shown in the maps results.

Don’t be lazy, as we see so many businesses leave out little details that Google’s algorithm takes into account, such as business hours and the specific trash-related services the business provides.

Be sure to include where you service, how potential customers can get in touch with your company, how to schedule a trash pick up, and images that you believe help explain the type of service you offer.

While trash removal isn’t an industry that allows you to use images to “sell,” you do want to take advantage and upload images of your business location, office, garbage removal trucks, employees, etc.

Consumers love to see who is behind a business, and will often select a business that showcases their team members over one that is faceless behind a name and logo.

Google My Business recently launched a “Posts” feature, allowing you to create short posts on your GMB feed to keep customers updated on any information you feel they would like to see. This is a great way to keep them updated on new routes, schedule changes, as well as reminders during the holidays if pickup days change.

You also want to make sure that your profile has a call-to-action enabled. The most commonly used option for trash service businesses is the “Call now,” which allows customers and prospects to immediately be connected to your business.

Attract Goole Reviews from Your Trash Service Customers

Frequently adding new Google reviews to your GMB profile benefits your business in two ways. First, it helps in the Maps rankings, as the algorithm takes into consideration the total number of reviews as well as the frequency they are acquired, as well as the last time a review was left.

Second, it helps you attract more customers. The number of reviews and the average rating help to build immediate trust. Consumers trust third-party reviews left by other customers who have used your trash service in the past.

If you want to jump-start your review, send out an email to all of your existing customers and ask them to leave a review, and provide them with a direct link t your GMB profile. You can also ask on social media, and then include a simple CTA at the bottom of all email communication and invoice communication.

You will often find that most consumers are more than willing to take a couple of minutes out of their day to leave you a review if they are pleased with the level of service provided.

Understand and Analyze Your GMB Data

Your GMB dashboard gives you a look into some excellent analytical data that you can use that will help you better understand how consumers are finding your trash service online. You can view this data weekly, as well as get a larger overview by analyzing monthly and quarterly data sets.

One of the most insightful breakdowns is the phone call information, allowing you to see what days and what time of the day your calls come in at. This can help you better prepare and schedule staff to handle incoming calls if you find that some calls are being missed. If you can answer inbound calls on the first or second ring you will have a much higher chance of converting that lead into a trash removal customer.

Some other helpful data to pay attention to includes:

  • How inbound searches originate, whether it’s a brand name search, a category search, or via discovery after searching for another trash service business
  • Search terms and keywords used to trigger your listing to be found by consumers
  • The total number of impressions your GMB listing received in the search results
  • The number of views your images receive
  • The number of times the “Call” button was tapped via mobile search
  • The number of times the “Directions” button was tapped via mobile search
  • The number of times the “Directions” button was tapped via mobile search

Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand that properly marketing your trash service business on Google requires constant attention to your Google My Business profile and reviewing the information and data it gives you access to.

Respond to questions, thank your customers for leaving reviews, add new images, always have fresh posts available in your feed, and use your GMB profile as a way to relay information to current customers, and share helpful information in an attempt to attract new garbage removal customers.

If you just assume your listing is performing well you never know if there are any opportunities for improved performance. Numbers and data don’t lie and they remove all guesswork from the online marketing equation.

Are inbound calls consistent? Is your listing not receiving a lot of impressions? Do you see a decline in direction, call, and website requests? Make it a point to always analyze the data available.

If managing your own GMB profile and local SEO is too overwhelming or time consuming and you would like to learn more about our trash service local SEO, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Furthermore, if you have any questions about optimizing your Google My Business profile we would be more than happy to answer those questions as well.

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